Hydrating & refreshing after shave balm

Hydrating & refreshing after shave balm

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An ultra-hydrating after shave balm that soothes irritations and tightens your skin after shaving. With a refreshing, masculine scent, our APOLLON Aftershave Balm with olive oil and aloe vera provides long-lasting hydration and comfort. Blended with the soothing qualities of centella and barley proteins, it minimizes skin roughness and irritations after shaving, leaving the skin calm and soft. How to use:

After shaving with the APOLLON shaving gel, dry the skin thoroughly.
Apply a small amount with gentle circular motions on face and neck until fully absorbed.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera helps to retain moisture on the skin thanks to its strong hydrating composition. Rich in polysacharides and glycoproteins, it also helps to soothe and cool inflamed or irritated skin.


Centella was traditionally used to heal and soothe skin irritations and wounds. In skin care, this rejuvenating extract firms and hydrates. Rich in asiaticosides, it helps to soothe irritation
and aids in collagen stimulation.

dragon's blood
vitamin E
juniper berries